- IceMaker PR150

IceMaker PR150

The IceTech IceMaker presents a revolutionary alternative to existing dry ice making machines. The IceMaker provides
non-stop supply of high-density dry ice pellets from a source of low temperature liquid carbon dioxide. From a storage
tank, a regulated supply of liquid CO2 is expanded to low pressure and forms the dry ice snow which is then pressed through a multiport extruder die by a single acting horizontal reciprocating piston.

The IceMaker is placed in a closed steel cabinet, which has been muffled to limit the noise level and includes the
latest technical advances in heat exchangers as it enables the user to limit startup time and improve the quality of
the pellets compared to existing products on the market.

- IceMaker PR300

IceMaker PR300

Individual dry ice production in the two barrels.
Possible to maintain 50% of production capacity during servicing - no downtime!!