IceBlast KG50S V1 110V/230V · Part no. 90002


IceBlast KG50 is suitable for professional users with extensive cleaning requirements.It is supplied complete with an ergonomic blasting gun and 10 m hose.

The dry ice tank has a capacity of 50 kg allowing the machine to be used for 45-60 minutes before refilling.

With an operating pressure of up to 16 bar, IceBlast KG50S provides extremely effective cleaning.

The machine is made of aluminium and has a well-arranged, user-friendly control panel, making it simple to use. Its compact size allows easy use in production areas.

IceBlast KG50S is highly effective - thanks to our patented self-adjustment system that requires a minimum of maintenance. Dry ice pellets with af diameter of 3 mm are used as blasting material.







Dim. mm/inch

Length: 700 / 27.5
Width: 550 / 21.6
Height: 900 / 35.4

kg: 90
lbs: 198

Dry Ice Capacity
kg: 50
lbs: 110

Dry Ice Consumption
kg/h: 0-100
lbs/h: 0-220
infinitely adjustable

Supply Pressure
bar: min. 5 - max. 16
psi: min. 72 - max. 232

Blasting Pressure
bar: min. 2 – max. 16
psi: min. 29 - max. 232

Air Consumption
m3: 3-11
cfm: 106 - 388
depending on nozzle

Air Connection

1” claw coupling
The compressed air must be kept clean and free of oil, foreign bodies and water

Power Consumption
110/230 V
AC 50-60 Hz
900 W
CEE 17 earthed

Single Hose System

Noise level 60-120 dB(A) depending on blasting pressure, nozzle combination and material surface

User-Friendly Control