IceBlast KG20S Complete Battery · Part no. 90080S


The IceBlast KG20S Battery is suitable for companies that have a limited number of short cleaning tasks.It is supplied complete with an ergonomic blasting gun and 5 m hose. The machine is unique due to its size and operation principles. It is electrically driven and controlled.

The machine includes a battery which allows the KG20S to operate without power supply.

The machine is made of stainless steel and has a well-arranged, user-friendly control panel, making it simple to operate. Its compact size allows easy use in production areas.

IceBlast KG20S Battery has adjustable pellet dosage, and various pressure can be selected depending on the coating to be removed.

The machine is highly effective due to the IceTech patented self-adjustment system that requires a minimum of maintenance.

Dry ice pellets with a diameter of 3 mm are used as blasting material.


Dim. mm/inch

Length: 480 / 18.8
Width: 520 / 20.4
incl handle
1030 / 40.5
w/ handle folded down
850 / 33.4

kg 58
lbs: 127.8

Dry Ice Capacity
kg: 20
lbs: 44

Dry Ice Consumption
kg/h: 16 - 55
lbs/h: 36 - 122
infinitely adjustable

Supply Pressure
bar: min. 5 - max. 10
psi: min. 72 - max. 145

Blasting Pressure
bar: min. 2 - max. 10
psi: min. 29 - max. 145


for Light Gun

Air Consumption
m3: 1 - 5
cfm: 35 - 175
depending on nozzle

Air Connection

3/4” claw coupling
The compressed air must be kept clean and free of oil, foreign bodies and water

Power Consumption
110/230 V
AC 50-60 Hz
24V handy interchangeable battery, and battery charger

Single Hose System

Noise level 60-120 dB(A) depending on blasting pressure, nozzle combination and material surface

User-Friendly Control display w/ error-log indication