Reduced Downtime
A machine can often be cleaned by dry ice blasting while in operation, thus eliminating the need for dismantling and subsequent re-assembly. This is of considerable economic importance as downtime can be eliminated or drastically reduced.

No Waste Disposal Costs
Costs connected with the disposal of hazardous chemicals or solvents are saved because dry ice vaporises on contact with the surface being treated. Only the dislodged coating material must be removed from beneath the treated object.

Reduced Payroll Costs
Dry ice blasting will reduce cleaning and maintenance payroll costs to a fraction of current levels because the process is more effective and faster than traditional cleaning methods.

Reduced Equipment Wear and Tear
Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive. Surfaces are therefore treated very gently, and wear and tear resulting from the use of steel brushes, scrapers and the like is avoided.