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Environmentally Safe and Effective Cleaning Alternative
Reduce V.O.C. Emissions
Reduce Waste Stream
Increase Worker Safety
Services :
- Cleaning services on call.
- Sale of dry ice blasting machines and accessories.
- Supply of dry ice pallets.

Featured Equipments

  • IceBlast KG12S V1 110V/230V · Part no. 90001
  • IceBlast KG20S Complete Battery · Part no. 90080S
  • IceBlast KG30S V1· Part no. 90022
  • IceBlast KG50S V1 110V/230V · Part no. 90002
  • Complete Dry Ice
    Blasting System
  • What is Dry Ice Blasting?

    Dry ice blasting is a revolutionary blasting method that uses small, compact dry ice pellets as the blasting material. The dry ice pellets are accelerated in a jet of compressed air similar to that used in traditional blasting methods.


    Dry ice blasting is well suited to a wide range of industries, as can be seen from our customer portfolio, which includes such widely differing companies as Carlsberg, Novo Nordisk, Mærsk, Vestas and West Pharmaceutical Services.


    Reduced Downtime

    A machine can often be cleaned by dry ice blasting while in operation, thus eliminating the need for dismantling and subsequent re-assembly. This is ofconsiderable economic importance as ...

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