Frequently Asked Questions


1- What is dry ice?

2- What is Dry Ice Blasting?

3- How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

4- What are Pellets?

5- Why Should I Use Dry Ice Blasting Instead of Traditional Blasting Methods?

6- What Happens to the "Blasted-off" Coating?

7- Which Materials Can Withstand Dry Ice Blasting?

8- Where Can I Obtain Dry Ice Pellets?

9- Does Dry Ice Blasting Have Economic Benefits?

10- What Equipment is Necessary for Dry Ice Blasting?

11- Is Dismantling Necessary Before Dry Ice Blasting?

12- Does Dry Ice Blasting have Thermal Effects on Treated Objects?

13- Can I use Dry Ice Blasting to Clean Hot Machinery While It is Running?

14- Can I Minimize Downtime – or Avoid It Entirely?

15- What are the Economic Benefits of Using Dry Ice Blasting in Precisely My Area of Business?

16- Does Dry Ice Blasting Damage the Underlying Surface?

17- Is Dry Ice Blasting as Effective as Traditional Cleaning Methods?

18- Which Cleaning Methods can be Replaced with Advantage by Dry Ice Blasting?

19- Can I use Dry Ice Blasting in Places, or on Materials, where Traditional Methods Cannot be Used?

20- How Quickly can Various Objects/Materials be Cleaned?

21- Is an External Compressed-air Source Necessary?

22- Is the Dry Ice Jet Capable of Conducting Electricity?

23- What does a Dry Ice Blasting System Cost?

24- Can I Purchase a System Customized to Suit My Needs?

25- How Much Maintenance is Necessary?

26- How Big is an IceBlast Machine?

27- How do One-hose and Two-hose Systems Differ?

28- How Should Dry Ice be Stored?

29- Do Dry Ice Pellets Rebound?

30- Does Dry Ice Blasting Cause Condensation?

31- Are Dry Ice Pellets Better than Dry Ice Blocks?

32- Are Pellets more Effective than Granulate?

33- What cannot be achieved by Dry Ice Blasting?

34- Can Dry Ice Blasting be used in the Food Industry?

35- Can Dry Ice Blasting be used on Electronics?

36- Can Dry Ice Blasting be used on Packaging Machinery?

37- Can Dry Ice Blasting be used in Printing?

38- Can Dry Ice Blasting be used on Molds?

39- Can Dry Ice Blasting be used on Buildings?

40- Can Dry Ice Blasting be used in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

41- Does Dry Ice Blasting have any Environmental Consequences or Benefits?

42- What is IceBlast Robot?

43- What is IceBlast Auto-fill?